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Why Do I Hurt? A look into the human pain experience.

Stretching VIDEOS

  • Chest - Reduce chest soreness by stretching your anterior or “front” chest.

  • Calf - Calf soreness? Watch to learn the proper technique for stretching the calf muscle.

  • Wrist - Learn how to gently stretch a wrist.

  • Spine - Because of the potential for injury, some may be apprehensive about stretching this part of the body. In this video, we will illustrate how to safely and gently stretch the spine.

  • Shoulder - Shoulder pain is a common problem for active Americans. Learn how to gently stretch the posterior shoulder.

  • Hip Flexor - For some, the hip flexor can be a difficult muscle to stretch. In this video, you will learn how to stretch the hip flexor muscle, in position that’s simple, as well as comfortable for those with back pain.

  • Hamstring - Learn how to properly perform a basic hamstring stretch that’s safe for those with back pain.