AlterG for Weight Loss

Revolutionary AlterG® Available for Weight Loss Training

AlterG Press Release AlterG is the world’s first and only treadmill that uses technology developed by NASA to unload body weight. This patented technology enables increased mobility and pain-free movement through ‘unweighting,’ which allows patients to run or walk without bearing their entire weight. In some cases, due to injury or weight gain, people find it difficult to exercise and that’s where the AlterG treadmill can help.

Safe Conditioning, “Unweighted” Exercise

The AlterG enables people of different ages and sizes (up to 400 lbs) to reduce impact on their bodies during exercise and achieve results through its Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology. DAP applies a lifting force to the body and reduces weight on lower extremities for precise “unweighting", removing up to 80 percent of a person’s body weight – so users can exercise without muscle/joint pain or discomfort.

The AlterG offers the weightless ease of moving with less gravitational force while utilizing different muscles and movements than swimming. Plus, there are no special requirements for clothing – you simply pull on a special pair of ‘shorts’ over your clothes and you’re good to exercise.

No Pain, No Gain? Not with AlterG!

Hamm, a physical therapist, said eliminating pain or discomfort during exercise on the AlterG can produce better quality of movement, especially under the watchful eye of a therapist who ensures proper usage of the treadmill. PTS clients have used the AlterG solely for weight loss, while others have used it strictly for rehabilitation purposes. Both weight loss clients and rehabilitation patients have noticed the ability to exercise at higher levels using the AlterG. Many have noted the AlterG enables pain-free exercise while burning calories, building strength and reducing the risk of injury during exercise. The difference between users for weight loss and rehabilitation is based on the individual’s physical needs; length of time, percentage of weight and speed, which can be increased to enable better workouts.

When Gardner Hatch had complications as the result of colon cancer, he basically had to “relearn everything.” With a weakened left side, he began working out and learning how to walk better on the AlterG.

“All the improvement I’ve seen has been steady,” he said. “And Jonathan has helped monitor my exercise, focusing on posture and the proper way to walk. It has helped because I tend to shuffle my feet, but he tells me when I’m walking incorrectly. Over time, my endurance has increased and I am shuffling my feet less.”

Another user of the AlterG, Ann Gargiulo, had been limping for about a year with pain in her shin. After a PTS therapist recommended an MRI, she discovered the pain had resulted from compensating due to arthritis in the hip.

“The AlterG is wonderful; I can get along with about a third of my weight off, and Jonathan – through his monitoring – helped me to change the way I began walking as a result of trying to compensate for the pain. The AlterG allows me to have a good aerobic workout without further injury or pain. I also feel better after my time on the AlterG – lighter on my feet and more flexible.”

How does “Unweighting” work?

Unweighting is achieved by inflating the air chamber on the AlterG to gently lighten the user to the desired body weight. Users feel like they are walking on the moon. It’s been used in a variety of rehab applications, including helping patients to use their legs more effectively after injury or disease. Many who have been unable to walk or run under normal conditions find that the AlterG enables these activities without pain or discomfort, contributing to their body’s strength, cardiovascular fitness and weight loss over the long term.

PTS offers a free demonstration and therapists are always nearby in case of questions. Sessions are customized for each person, depending on their own endurance and goals. We find that most users will want to use the AlterG 10-15 minutes when they start, unless they are really active. We will make recommendations and track your progress, advising when to decrease unweighting and increase speed for maximum benefit.

Renting Time on the AlterG

The only provider offering AlterG in the Greater Peoria area is PTS. AlterG is available for use at Peoria and Washington Outpatient clinics. 

Central Illinois  

PTS Outpatient Therapy at 1201 North Cummings Lane in Washington (309) 886-2305

UnityPoint Methodist Atrium, 900 Main St, Suite 450 in Peoria (309) 672-4568

Southern Illinois  

Archview Medical Center, 2071 Gooselake Road in Sauget (618) 337-9461  

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Arts Building, 180 South 3rd St. in Belleville (618) 234-2120 x1767


No referral is necessary, and minutes can be purchased per session or in a monthly package. Group packages are also available upon request. The clinics are open weekdays and by appointment.