Wheelchair - Custom

Wheelchair seating and mobility is a technical and specialized area of rehabilitative medicine. The unique characteristics of the individual and the current technology must be taken into account, in order to choose the best type of mobility assistive equipment. Successful delivery of a wheelchair and seating system begins with making the determination that the patient has a mobility impairment that requires the use of an assistive device, whether it is a cane, walker, manual wheelchair, or a power mobility device. Rehabilitation principles apply in the decision-making process and your expertly trained Physical and Occupational Therapists at Professional Therapy Services will advocate for you and lead you through this confusing process.

The needs of the patient, as well as, those of the caregiver, are paramount. Goals of the seating system include postural support, stability, and pressure distribution. Goals of the mobility system include providing optimal mobility and function. A family-centered approach, in which the client and family are involved in the decision-making process, is a critical element. Collaboration between your therapist, physician, and medical equipment professional provides an opportunity for a group of well-qualified personnel to demonstrate and recommend equipment that will best suit your needs.