Hand Injuries

After surgery or injury, pain in the hand, wrist and arm can develop. This pain can range from annoying to debilitating, affecting the ability to continue daily activities. While this pain can be frustrating, most hand pain is treatable.

What causes hand pain?

Injury or surgery may cause hand pain. In addition, there are several conditions that can contribute to hand pain, including:

  • De Quervain’s Tendinitis – this condition causes pain to develop on the thumb-side of the patient’s wrist and can travel the full length of the thumb, even up the forearm. Development can be gradual or sudden, resulting from the swelling of tendons at the base of the thumb. This is often caused by repetitive actions or overuse.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Affecting 3% of the population, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is fairly common. This condition causes pain in the palm and some of the fingers, the wrist and the forearm. It can also cause tingling or numbness. Carpal Tunnel occurs when swelling affects the median nerve.
  • Arthritis – The most common cause of hand pain, arthritis causes cartilage to deteriorate between joints, creating painful swelling. This most often occurs in the joints of the fingers.

 What types of treatments do you offer? 

  • Joint, Soft Tissue and Neural Mobilization
  • Customized Sports-Specific Splinting
  • Wound Care and Scar Management
  • Range of Motion, Dexterity and Strength Training
  • Dynamic and Static Splinting
  • Sensory Re-education and Desensitization

How can Physical Therapy help my hand pain?

Treatment of the hands and upper extremities following injury, surgery, disability or disease is highly specialized. Our certified therapists will develop customized treatments for every patient, based on proven techniques. Our treatments are designed to help you regain maximum use in your hands, wrists and arms, while also reducing the potential for re-injury.

Contact us to see how PTS can help YOU today! Although no physician referral is needed to see a physical therapist, some insurance companies may require a referral for coverage.