Work Injuries

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate circumstance of many jobs and positions. At PTS, we work to make addressing these problems as effective as possible for both the employee and the employer.

Work injuries are best avoided by educating employees on body mechanics, stretching and proper posture. A proper stretching program can also decrease the risk for injury. 

What should I expect if I receive a Work Injury?

In the unfortunate event that you are injured on the job, PTS therapists will work to start rehabilitation right away, in order to minimize lost work time. Therapists treat work injuries using stretches, strengthening, manual therapy and even modalities, such as, heat or ice and electrical stimulation to decrease pain. You will also receive re-education on body mechanics and proper posture.    

In the event you complete the acute phase of therapy but are unable to resume full duties, work conditioning is recommended. Work conditioning is performed when a client has met his/her maximum potential with physical or occupational therapy. 

Work conditioning not only focuses on the employee’s injury but the employee as a whole. Many employees have become deconditioned when off work while recovering. Physical Therapists at PTS develop individualized treatment plans for the injured employee that focus on what the employee’s job tasks are. By simulating and performing job tasks, strength training, endurance training and education to reduce/prevent injury, employees are able to develop the skills and ability needed to return to work. 

Sometimes an FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) is necessary. This is a standardized, objective assessment of the person’s physical capabilities. The FCE is used primarily to determine whether an injured worker can perform the physical requirements of the job. The results provide physicians and employers with objective information regarding a person’s capacity to safely return to work.

How else can PTS help minimize Workers’ Compensation costs?

Companies utilize PTS therapists to perform pre-employment testing. This is a proven method in decreas­ing Workers’ Compensation costs and to screen new hires. When workers develop repeti­tive stress injuries, employers often question if there were any pre-existing conditions. After the job offer, pre-placement screening/Essential Function Test (EFT) can minimize the risk of hiring persons unable to perform the critical physical job demands. Using the employer’s job de­scription, and/or, information obtained through a Job Analy­sis, a specific screening protocol is developed. The protocol is used to evaluate, through job simulation, an applicant’s ability to perform the required physical demands.

How do I get started using the PTS pre-employment testing?

Typically your employer has a contract and pays for this testing so it is employer referral. Any medical doctor may also send a referral.

How do I get started using the work conditioning services at PTS?

Physician referral with billing approval through insurance: either medical or worker compensation.