Does my child need Physical Therapy?

Why might a child need to see a pediatric physical therapist?

A pediatric physical therapist focuses on developmental skills, strength, posture and coordination of children birth through adolescence. If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms below, please contact us to schedule a therapist evaluation. 

  1. Is part of the back/side of your infant’s head flat (Plagiocephaly)?
  2. Is their head tilted/twisted to one side (Torticollis)?
  3. Do they have delays in gross motor skill development (rolling, sitting, standing, walking)?
  4. Do you notice asymmetrical body use (uses one arm or leg more than the other)?
  5. Do you see abnormal or poor posture?
  6. Does your child have floppiness or stiffness in muscle tone?
  7. Does your child walks on their toes, inside of feet, or falls frequently?
  8. Does your child complain of pain or difficulty with gross motor tasks?
  9. Does your child w-sit?
  10. Does your child have Inability to perform the same gross motor tasks as their peers?
  11. Does your child display awkward running or jumping patterns?
  12. Does your child have limited or excessive joint mobility?
  13. Have he/she had a sports injury?


If you see any of these motor challenges with your child contact your pediatrician for a referral for pediatric physical therapy.