15 Fun Ways to Get Kids Moving

With the cold and snow of Winter children are often not as active as they should be. As temperatures and weather get better we need to increase the activity level of our children to build strength and endurance.
  1. Get outside! Play freely in your yard or neighborhood.
  2. Play “Red Rover”
  3. Play Tag
  4. Play "Red Light, Green Light"
  5. Play Hopscotch
  6. Have them help with yard work
  7. Create a scavenger hunt that includes walking and climbing on different surfaces
  8. Ride a tricycle or bicycle
  9. Ride a scooter
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Play on the playground equipment at a local park
  12. Climb steps to go down the slide
  13. Push the merry-go-round 
  14. Play catch or kick a ball
  15. Walk or run along a trail
The goal is to get muscles working differently than in the Winter. These activities will encourage them to move safely and focuses their energy level, which also helps them sleep well at night.