Athletes participate in many types of sports; each of these sports carries the risk of injury. If you’re an athlete, you know that an injury can be devastating. The appearance of an injury can mean being sidelined for a few games, the season or worse. In extreme cases, the athlete can lose the ability to participate altogether. A combination of factors can contribute to injury, from poor training or inadequate warm-ups, to insufficient conditioning. When injury occurs, Physical Therapy is a primary means of treatment. Physical Therapy can help athletes achieve faster and more successful recovery, getting them out of rehab and back to the sports they love.

What are common causes of sports injuries? 

While a variety of factors can lead to injury, problems commonly arise from repetitive motion related to a particular sport. Also known as the biomechanics of the action, athletes tend to repeat the same motions throughout a particular game, putting greater stress on certain body structures. Over time, this stress can lead to injury. Athletes can help to prevent injury by practicing stretching and proper warm-up exercises.

How does Physical Therapy help to rehabilitate sports injuries?

Physical Therapists are specially trained to help athletes recover from their injuries. Our team will work with the athlete on a regular basis to evaluate progress and determine next steps. Every step entails a different approach to treatment; this can include exercises, stretching and other treatments with specialized equipment to address the issue. Our Physical Therapists are highly experienced, ensuring that each athlete receives the appropriate care at the right time. It’s always best to see a therapist before an injury becomes severe to minimize damage and decrease overall recovery time.

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