Cheerleading can lead to many types of injuries to the base members and the flyers as both lifting and performing stunts in the air are physically demanding. These commonly include muscle strains and ligament sprains.

Tumbling too, requires strength and flexibility. Training can sometimes lead to injury due to overuse or overtraining and include low back pain, chronic hip flexor strains, Achilles tendonitis, and many others. Quick paced movements and flexibility skills with both stunting and tumbling can also lead to impact injuries such as sprained ankles and knee ligament injuries.


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important information About concussions

Due to the potential for forceful impact, participants are at risk for concussions. It is important to seek medical advice after a head injury and physical therapists are part of the team of trained healthcare professionals that can treat this condition.

Together, your healthcare professional and your physical therapist can:

  • perform baseline concussion testing including screens for cognition, concentration, memory and the neurological system.

  • evaluate and treat post-concussion symptoms to help athletes safely progress back to normal sports participation.

For more information, read our Concussion page.