Skating (Ice, In-line, Roller)

There is a lot of variety in styles of skating; hockey, figure skating (individual, pairs, team), ice dancing, speed skating, in-line skating/rollerblading or roller skating recreationally, artistically, within roller derby, etc.

Overuse injuries can occur in the back (example: spondylosis), hips (example: groin or hamstring strain), knee (patellar tendonitis) or ankles. Traumatic injuries can occur from falls (examples: contusions, fracture, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, ankle sprain, or concussion.)


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important information About concussions

Due to the likelihood of falling, participants are at risk for concussions. It is important to seek medical advice after a head injury and physical therapists are part of the team of trained healthcare professionals that can treat this condition.

Together, your healthcare professional and your physical therapist can:

  • perform baseline concussion testing including screens for cognition, concentration, memory and the neurological system.

  • evaluate and treat post-concussion symptoms to help athletes safely progress back to normal sports participation.

For more information, read our Concussion page.