Personalized Contract  

The facility comes first. PTS has the option of implementing different contract styles that work best for the Mission and Vision of each Hospital. Operationally and publicly, the Therapy Department is recognized and billed as part of the overall organization. The on-site staff are integrated into the facility, in nearly every aspect, including, dress code, name tags and orientation processes. PTS has the unique ability to partner with the following hospitals:

 Quality Care

  • PTS staff completes extensive training and competency testing every year.
  • Protocol and care paths are based on the latest research and clinical evidence. 
  • Regulatory Audits and Clinical Care Audits ensure compliance in all areas.
  • As part of the PTS Team, our contract facilities have access to advanced specialty trained therapists including:
    • Lymphedema Certified Therapists
    • Geriatric Clinical Specialists
    • Certified Hand Therapists
    • Orthopedic Clinical Specialists
    • Women’s Health Specialists
    • Certified Ergonomists
    • Aquatic Therapists
    • CPR Instructors
    • Low Vision Specialists
    • Vestibular Trained Therapists
    • Audiologists
    • Custom Foot Orthotics Fabrication
    • Swallow Testing and Treatment for Infants, Children and Adults
    • Pediatric Therapists: full scope of services from newborn to adolescent including: bedwetting, incontinence, sensorimotor integration, injury rehab and motor delays.
    • Occupational Health: Ergonomics, Functional Capacity Evaluation
    • Wound Specialists

PTS offers a wide array of therapy programs and services designed for implementation within a hospital-based rehabilitation unit or long-term care facility. Each program includes a detailed description, therapy protocols, recording/reporting forms and staff education materials. Listed are some of the frequently requested programs:

  • Adaptive Equipment Use
  • Restraint Reduction
  • Positioning
  • Wound Care
  • Incontinency Control
  • Cognitive Retraining and Speech Communication
  • Swallowing Assessment
  • Care Paths for Orthopedic Conditions
  • Clinician Screening (admission,
    re-admission and change of status)
  • Restorative Programs (eating, bathing/grooming, dressing and mobility)
  • Physical and Occupational Rehab Aide Training
  • Restorative Aide Training (1 and 2 day formats)
  • CNA Competency Training
  • Health and Fitness (group and individual exercise programs to promote wellness)
  • Patient Safety including fall prevention
  • Facility Quality Improvement
  • Facility Modifications for Low Vision Accommodation
  • Employee Safety and Injury Prevention Training including Back School
  • Office and Facility Ergonomics

We also keep you apprised of any legislative issues or trends in rehabilitative therapy services. Our therapy and management expertise can also assist you in attaining and retaining CARF and Joint Commission accreditation standards. 

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