Build a Better Body

What is Build a Better Body?

Build a Better Body is a lifeline to renew and maintain your vigor and independence. Crafted by our Doctors of Physical Therapy, the focus is on function, minimizing the risk of injury often associated with traditional exercise programs.

Our program hones in on three critical areas of health:

  • BUILD BETTER BONES: Safeguard your future with improved bone health, vital for preventing fractures. 
  • BUILD BETTER STRENGTH: Rejuvenate your body with increased muscle power, essential for daily tasks.
  • BUILD BETTER BALANCE: Regain or maintain stability, and coordination for increased confidence while on the move. 


Embark on a 24-week journey, with each 8-week stage dedicated to one of these key facets. With sessions 2-3 times a week, we chart a path that fits your pace and needs, regardless of age. 


Is Build a Better Body right for me?

Our program transcends generic exercises, offering:

  • Medical Oversight: Professional guidance ensures your health journey is safe and effective.
  • Personalization: Sessions tailored to address your specific health concerns and goals.
  • Scientific Backbone: Every routine is research-backed, offering you the most effective wellness results.
  • Educational Material: Each meeting introduces new knowledge, ensuring you understand your path to wellness with information to take home.
  • Homework for Growth: Progress is a constant companion with assignments that extend benefits beyond our sessions.
  • Post-Program Care: Final meetings with therapists establish your long-term strategy to maintain and enhance your gains.


How do I Join?

Offered within our outpatient therapy clinics, our mobile therapy clinic, and independent or assisted living centers, our program is accessible right where you live. 

  • Schedule your consultation through our Central Illinois offices. Embrace the convenience of sessions where you feel most comfortable.
  • A physician referral is not required. Our therapists tailor your program personally, seeking final approval from your doctor.
  • Medicare or private insurance typically covers the program, making your pathway to empowerment and independence an affordable reality.


Your better body and improved health await! Dive into the details, understand the process, and take your first step towards a vibrant, independent life.

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