Proctor On The Move: Mobile Therapy Clinic

What is a Mobile Therapy Clinic?

A Mobile Therapy Clinic is therapy that comes to your home, providing convenient care in both urban and rural settings. This service removes transportation barriers so more patients can access the same individualized, skilled services they would at our clinics, but from the comfort and safety of their homes. Patients can continue about their days until their therapist is at the door ready to work with them.

Is Proctor On The Move right for me?

Some patients thrive in an outpatient clinic setting, but others may need their therapist to come to them. Therapy in a home setting also allows for carryover with treatment in a “real world” setting. At PTS, we offer a program called Proctor on The Move for patients in need of care at home. This might be right for you if: 

  • You’re finish with home health and ready for more therapy but can’t make it to a clinic
    • If recommended care does not continue after home health, you may be at high risk for deterioration
    • Therapists can build on what home health may have started to further improve safety, reduce rehospitalization, and lower fall risk
  • You’re worn out by travel to/from an outpatient therapy clinic 
  • You need to reduce your exposure to public areas or group settings
  • You need guidance on how to successfully age in place
  • You need recommendations to reach maximal independence
  • You suffer from a fear of falling or anxiety about inclement weather
  • Transportation or distance limits your ability to get to an outpatient clinic

Mobile Therapy for caregivers 

Therapists are also available for caregivers training to optimize safety and follow through with home programming. 

Therapists can assess caregivers in their unique setting, facilitating personalized training based on the person they are caring for. Whether it be mobility training, understanding an exercise program, or learning about strategies to help a loved one stay safe and independent, caregivers can be a part of every session at home.

Do I need to live in a certain location to be eligible? 

Mobile therapy can travel to you regardless of your location. 

Can I make an appointment myself?

Yes, please call to make an appointment. 

Is a physician referral required? 

No specific diagnosis or physician referral is required to qualify.

Does insurance typically cover this?

Therapy services are covered by most insurance plans and are billed the same way as when in a clinic.

If you are interested in this service, call 309-231-0676 or click here and we will help you explore your options. 

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