Patient Testimonials

AlterG Success Story

When coach Patrick Vaughan tore his Achilles tendon while playing basketball, he knew he’d need some kind of therapy to recover after surgery…“I was kind of dragging my feet at first, but physical therapy with the AlterG really has made a huge difference…Literally, within the first two days, there was such a difference going to physical therapy, breaking up the scar tissue and helping me gain flexibility back in the leg and foot…The AlterG (with technology that reduces body weight up to 80% while exercising) was especially great because I like running and staying healthy, and I was able to do some of the activities I enjoyed even though I wasn’t fully ready. I’ve enjoyed the experience and recommend PTS; they truly cared about me and my situation, plus it’s one of a few places that has the AlterG.”

Peoria Area Water Wizards

PTS Physical Therapists recently worked with PAWW swimmer, Kaylee, on a Functional Movement Screening. From this, we provided Kaylee with a training plan to improve her flexibility and range of motion, as it pertains to swimming. Our Board-Certified Clinical Specialists and Sports Therapists are available to meet with parents to discuss services like these that PTS can provide to swimmers and athletes alike!

LSVT Patient Success Story

Lyle Miller was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease after a dizzy spell caused a fall and concussion, “I was struggling with tremors, balance, body stiffness, and difficulty sleeping.” Four times a week, Miller attends PTS’s LSVT Big through Carle Health’s Outpatient Therapy department and he encourages anyone suffering from symptoms or Parkinson’s to try it for themselves. “This program has made a massive improvement on my daily life,” Miller said. “The LSVT Big program has changed my state of mind. I’m staying active so I can continue doing the things I love to do.”