Beyond Therapy

Going to the gym can be intimidating and you may find yourself struggling for motivation, especially after having a joint replaced, injury corrected, or simply coming out of a physical therapy routine. Professional Therapy Services offers a program to help you continue chasing after those health goals even after your physical therapy treatment sessions have ended.  Each post-therapy session is composed of 4 Pillars of Health: aerobic exercise, balance, stretching and strengthening. We love being able to offer our patients a “medical gym”, where they can participate in post-therapy exercises with the same staff members in the same clinic where their original treatment sessions took place. Our classes and programs ensure that our clients continue to stay healthy and active in a safe and supervised environment.  

What programs do we offer? 

  • Fit For Life: A program for everyone! This general wellness program incorporates all aspects of fitness to keep you fit for life. Each session with focus on the 4 Pillars of Health: stretching, strengthening, cardio-health and balance drills.
  • Group and 1 on 1 sessions: Beyond therapy offers a more personalized fitness instruction to help follow through with an exercise routine after therapy 
  • Parkinson’s “Staying BIG” Exercise Club: Come join our Parkinson’s exercise program focused on helping you move BIG so you can life BIG
  • Joint Club: Have a new joint? Keep it moving after the therapy stops with an exercise program that focuses on continued improvements in strength, flexibility, and function
  • Continued Education: Have you been doing your home exercises? Beyond therapy can assist everyone who wants a little extra guidance on those Home Exercise Programs that your therapist gave you!  
  • Weight No More: Obesity is a rising epidemic in the US.  This program specializes in burning calories, boosting metabolism, behavioral changes, and lifestyle modifications
  • WOW (Women on Weights): Women can win the battle of keeping strong bones with this strength-training program.
  • Cardio Fit Club: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Stay heart healthy with a program that focuses on cardiovascular exercise, strength-training, flexibility and lifestyle modifications.
  • Aquatics Plus: This water based exercise program is ideal for participants suffering from fibromyalgia, obesity, cardiopulmonary disease, arthritis or post rehabilitation.
  • Fit Kids Club: This fitness club is just for kids! Designed to focus on building strong hearts, muscles and confidence.

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