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For businesses to succeed in today’s highly charged marketplace, you need a competitive edge.  This includes, among other things, a comprehensive business plan that addresses unanticipated as well as unnecessary operating expenses. 

An area affecting all of us is the dramatic rise in the cost of healthcare. Expenses resulting from work related injuries and illnesses can amount to over two thirds of your total healthcare costs. 

To minimize the impact on your business, you need a strategy. Here are a few of the service solutions we have provided for area businesses:

Ergonomic Programs
Ergonomics, the science of matching the physical characteristics of the worker with the work processes, equipment and environment, can minimize the risk for developing cumulative trauma disorders, while increasing worker comfort and productivity. 

Injury Prevention Training
Experience suggests that one of the best ways to communicate safe work behaviors is through hands-on training, followed by continual reinforcement. Based on information obtained through environmental safety audits, job hazard analyses and reviews of OSHA 300 logs, effective injury prevention strategies are developed. The focus is generally on jobs that present the greatest risk for occupational injuries. 

Job Analysis
One of the most useful tools in controlling workplace injuries is the development of detailed ADA compliant job descriptions.  Through job analysis, the essential functions, critical physical demands and job safety hazards can be identified. Once completed, the analysis will serve an important part of your job orientation, injury prevention training and early return to work programs. The analysis is also helpful when reasonable accommodations are needed. 

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