PT,  26 years with PTS, Southern IL Outpatient and Skilled Nursing Facilities     

“I love the flexibility to be able to work when needed in multiple areas. I like the availability to take advantage of the PTS sponsored continuing ed. I love the fact that  PTS allows its staff to treat patients with honesty and integrity.”

PTA, 3 years with PTS, Central IL Hospital/Outpatient      

“I love my job because the girls I work with are like family and we all care for the well being of our patients.”

PT, 32 years with PTS, Central IL Home Health     

“I love meeting new people and interacting with them in their unique settings in their homes.  It is very rewarding to teach something that will be helpful to them.  I appreciate the support and flexibility that PTS offers me.”

COTA, 3 years with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities     

“I love my job because I love helping people. I have been doing this job for 16 years. Someone said if you love your job you never do really work a day in your life. I think this is true.”

PT, 14 years with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities     

“The moments I love the most about my job are when I am able to see my patients become aware of how much they’ve accomplished during their therapy sessions!”

COTA, 9 years with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities     

“I love my job because I enjoy helping others and knowing that I am doing something to help someone live their life to the fullest. I enjoy the setting I work in which is the geriatric population , if you listen to your patients you can really learn a great deal about life in general. Helping my patients achieve their goals is very full filling and uplifting . Thanks to PTS I have a wonderful satisfying career. LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

PTA, 8 years with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities     

“I love seeing my patients succeed!  I feel blessed to serve our seniors in a SNF.  So many have done so much for our cities and country.  It is so rewarding to help these older people recover from illness/ injury. I’ve learned much from their strong spirits and I can only hope to be able to help them gain strength in their bodies.”

PTA, 28 years with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities     

I love the great people I work with, it makes my job that much better!”

PTA, 1 year with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities     

“Very reassuring to work for a company that is highly ethical and puts quality of care above quantity of care!”

SLP, 12 years with PTS, Central IL Hospital     

“What I love about my job is the collaborative environment across disciplines.”

Administrative/Clerk, 12 years with PTS, Central IL Outpatient     

“I love PTS because it is a stable, flexible and always evolving company. Everyday is something new and I am never bored. I love the constant hustle and bustle. I also love our patients, many of which I get to know pretty closely after seeing them several times a week. Most of all, I love my coworkers. It’s nice to come into work and enjoy being around the people you work with, it makes it seem a little less like WORK!”

Administrative/Clerk, 19 years with PTS, Southern IL Outpatient     

“Because every day I have the opportunity to give someone a smile that they might not get from anyone else that day.”

OT, 3 years with PTS, Central IL Hospital      

“Getting to see people improve and go home. The hospital can be perceived as a scary place and to see patients and family members faces light up and the smile on their face when they get to home. Always makes me happy that I chose this profession. “

SLP, 11 years with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities      

“I love my job for two reasons.  PTS has allowed me significant flexibility in my hours and days when my life throws a curve.  I also love the people I get to work with, both coworkers and patients.”

OT, 6 months with PTS, Central IL Skilled Nursing Facilities      

“I love the people I work with.  They push me to be my best and continue to learn.”

PTA, 20 years with PTS,  Central IL Home Health     

“It was a blessed moment when I was asked to join the HH team at PTS.  Apprehensive about doing Physical Therapy with people in their homes at first has turned out to be a great career as a PTA in helping people in their homes, their primary environment. Sometimes working in the the “smallest of spaces” has allowed me many of rewards professionally and personally to have this privilege. Helping with directions that will help their safety, assisting them to working toward their previous level or to their highest level in their environment. Preparing them to progress to returning to community living and progressing to Outpatient PT. I see this area of Home Health as being an important supportive service for those being released from the hospital or nursing home or just have had a recent decline in their function for their health needs at home. I love Home Health!”