Improving Mobility and Strength Can Help You Better Manage Your Arthritis

Arthritis is a common ailment that can drastically impact your quality of life and affect you at any age. Individuals who focus on improving their range of motion and follow a strength training plan can significantly minimize arthritis symptoms. 

Individuals suffering from arthritis often tend to avoid certain movements to prevent triggering their pain. Unfortunately, this often contributes to poor mobility which can cause stiff joints and result in chronic discomfort. 

A licensed physical therapist can work with you to improve your mobility and strength, and reduce joint pain caused by arthritis in the following ways: 

Increasing range of motion 

Maintaining a good range of motion can help patients feel less stiff and makes it easier for them to perform everyday tasks. A licensed physical therapist can work with you to improve mobility in a way that is safe and comfortable. 

Addressing pain triggers 

Environmental factors can often worsen arthritis symptoms. A licensed physical therapist can work with you to identify pain triggers and help you make the necessary adjustments to your environment. 

Improving muscle strength for better joint support:  

Weak muscles can cause stiffness and stress on your joints, and further aggravate your arthritis symptoms. A physical therapist can work with you to develop a strength training plan that addresses your specific pain. 

The right treatment can help you address arthritis triggers, reduce pain, and improve your everyday life. Contact us to learn more about working with a licensed physical therapist to develop a plan to treat and manage pain caused by arthritis. 

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