Outpatient Therapy Services Where You Live

  • Are you finished with home health and ready for more therapy but can’t make it to a clinic?
  • Are you too worn out by travel to participate in outpatient therapy in a clinic?
  • Do you need to reduce your exposure to public areas or group settings?
  • Do you need guidance on how to successfully age in place?
  • Does transportation or distance limit your ability to get to an outpatient clinic?

Many outpatient therapy patients who are not homebound find themselves in these scenarios. While they are able and willing to go to their appointment, their circumstances make the process of getting to therapy difficult. 

Whether this resonates with you or someone you help provide care for, there is an answer! Physical, occupational and speech therapists visit a patient’s home for one-on-one, outpatient care and provide a range of services right in their living room. 

What Is A Mobile Therapy Clinic?

It is exactly that – therapy that comes to you! By providing services where you live, transportation barriers are eliminated so more patients can receive the care they need. You receive the same individualized, skilled services you would at a clinic, from the comfort and safety of home. You can continue along your day until your therapist is at the door ready to work with you. A mobile therapy clinic provides convenient care in both urban and rural settings.

Why Try It? Is It Right For Me?

Patients who need outpatient therapy after home health ends are at high risk for deterioration if recommended care does not continue. By providing outpatient therapy at a patient’s home, therapists can build on what home health may have started to further improve safety, reduce rehospitalization, and lower fall risk. 

Therapy in a patient’s home setting allows for carryover with treatment in a “real world” setting. Therapists are also available to both patients and families for caregiver training to optimize safety and follow through with home programming. After evaluating a patient’s environment, a therapist can also make equipment recommendations or home modification suggestions to help a patient achieve maximal independence. 

Therapists can assess caregivers in their unique setting, facilitating personalized training based on the person they are caring for. Whether it be mobility training, understanding an exercise program, or learning about strategies to help a loved one stay safe and independent, caregivers can be a part of every session at home.

Falls often happen at home. By receiving treatment in this environment, therapists can help prevent a fall from occurring. If a patient is frequently losing their balance or has experienced a fall, therapists are trained to examine not only the person but where and when these incidents occur.

In addition to the challenges of arranging rides or managing the drive to a clinic, there are some communities that do not have outpatient therapy clinics locally. Mobile therapy can travel to you regardless of your location.

Are You Ready for Therapy Where You Live?

Some patients thrive in the outpatient clinic, but others may need their therapist to come to them.  At PTS, we offer a program called Proctor on The Move for patients who need just that. The same great care you receive at one of our eight outpatient clinics is the same care you will receive at home. No specific diagnosis or physician referral is required to qualify. Therapy services are covered by most insurance plans and are billed the same way as when in a clinic.

Our team of expert therapists are happy to work with you where you live. If you are interested in this service, call 309-231-0676 or click here and we will help you explore your options.

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