Running on air

Ever wonder what it’s like to run weighing half as much as you do now? Reducing weight on your joints can be critical for recovery from a lower extremity injury, especially if you have had a sprain or fracture. Many patients find benefit in walking or running in the pool, but the resistance from the water can be distracting to a runner or to anyone trying to find their stride. Though it may be best for you to reduce weight on a limb after injury, it can be hard to do! To best serve our patients, Professional Therapy Services has invested in the AlterG—a treadmill that allows you the same benefit of running and walking, but without the weight.

The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill; through an air system, we can unweight you 1% at a time so that we can choose the appropriate level of intensity for your rehab.  Whether you are recovering from orthopedic surgery or a fracture, or you are a high-level runner with an ankle sprain, the AlterG allows us the flexibility to get you moving without pain.

Reducing your weight for training and rehab offers many benefits.  By unweighting your lower extremities, it allows you to maintain your weight bearing precautions after surgery while still being able to walk normally—which is a major challenge after any lower extremity surgery! If you are deconditioned and having difficulty walking far, we can increase your endurance and strength at a lower weight while keeping you on your feet. The AlterG offers support for those who have a fear of falling or balance issues while they are strengthening and relearning to walk.

Training for a marathon or a sport? Using the AlterG may be the key to changing your game. In an unweighted environment, you can work on form, foot strike, and side-to-side differences that you may not have the strength or motor control to perform in a fully weighted environment. Additionally, if you have sustained an injury, the AlterG allows us to keep you training and maintain your cardiovascular endurance while you are recovering.

When might my therapist use the AlterG?

  • You have weight bearing precautions (ex. 50% weight bearing or toe touch weight bearing)
  • You are recovering from a lower extremity orthopedic surgery
  • You have difficulty walking with a normal gait pattern
  • You are deconditioned and unable to tolerate walking long distances
  • You have poor balance and/or a fear of falling

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