Occupational Therapy

What matters most to us Occupational Therapists at Professional Therapy Services is helping you return to consistent participation in your daily activities and routines. Regardless of age, anyone who has a condition or injury that limits their ability to engage in everyday life is a candidate for our services. From in depth education and adaptive equipment training to comprehensive evaluations and therapy interventions, our team is ready to help you and your family embrace the environments you live and work in as well as function at your highest capacity.  

Regardless of age, skills, conditions, and life experiences, we can help you address: 

  • Upper extremity injuries and conditions
  • Home safety and adaptations
  • Self-care and independence 
  • Wheelchair needs
  • Visual and sensorimotor functionality

In addition to these OT services, we also offer the following specialized programs:

  • Work modification education
  • Lymphedema and pain management
  • Cognition and visual perception training
  • Strengthening, coordination and joint protection

Here at Professional Therapy Services, we are ready to help you understand your injury or condition, improve your function, and continue successfully in your daily activities.

For more information on this and other topics, see our latest blogs.

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