Speech Therapy

If you have difficulties speaking, understanding, reading, remembering, writing, problem solving or swallowing Speech Therapy can help! A Speech-Language Pathologist is a professional who can evaluate, diagnose and provide rehabilitative therapy for cognitive, communication, and swallowing disorders in individuals of all ages.  Often our patients suffer from brain injuries, strokes, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, voice disorders, swallowing dysfunctions, or cognitive / linguistic deficits. Everyone who sees our therapists will be treated according to their specific needs. As speech therapists, we will teach you new techniques to improve comprehension, speech, ability to communicate with an augmentative communication device, articulation, swallow safely, and the quality of your voice. Since communication is one of the foundations of the human experience, together, our goal is to help you become comfortable, educated, and confident in your communication abilities.

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